Bank of Guam Economic Forum speech November 22, 2019

Hafa ‘adai Iakwe in jibon nan aolep Moktata ikonaan kamoolol Irooj jemed woj ilan kon mour im men otemjej Good morning to everybody Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, and they    It is a privilege to be here today. And I mean privilege because while the opportunities are rising for people of marginalised and vulnerable…

What I wish I knew before I got into a romantic relationship (Part 3)

“Selina, both of you are related.” How it ended was wrong I laughed. “Don’t worry. I will break it off.” He continued looking at me. Completely disheartened and anguished. I was still smiling because Baba had guests over at his place and I did not want to show how livid, embarrassed, and ashamed I was….